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Palmdale Oil Announces Participation in Amalie 3000 Installer Program
August 1, 2012

Fort Pierce, Florida – Palmdale Oil Company is happy to announce its participation in the Amalie 3000 Installer Program. Founded in 1903, the company has been producing and supplying oils for more than one hundred years. Amalie Oil is the largest independent blender in all of North America.

Palmdale Oil is eager to help customers see how using better quality oil products from Amalie actually saves them money by increasing fuel efficiency and performance and extending the life of the engine. Amalie's company motto is 'Better than it has to be,' referring to their commitment to quality products which meet or exceed every industry standard.

The Amalie 3000 Installer Program includes high quality oils, each one meeting all API specifications and licenses:

Amalie 3000
This motor oil is what the company refers to as 'fighting grade' oil because its superior performance is guaranteed to beat any competition. Its name indicates the oil be changed every 3000 miles.

Amalie High-Mileage 5000 Oil
Specifically designed for vehicles that register above 75,000 miles, the oil conditions well-used seals on older engines. Amalie recommends changing this oil every 90 days or 3,000 miles.

Amalie Elixir
This oil is considered among the country's foremost fully-synthetic oils. Amalie recommends changing this oil every 180 days or 10,000 miles.

"Amalie Oil products are top of the line," says Lachlan Cheatham, president of Palmdale Oil Company. "By adding another high quality product to our extensive portfolio of marketing leading products, we're getting a leg up on the competition. This latest partnership will help to continue to position Palmdale Oil as the best distributor in the Florida market.".

Amalie brand products are designed to enhance engine performance no matter what type of demands are placed on them. The full line of oils meet or exceed all new car manufacturer warranty requirements and keep engines at their best whether under high performance, high stress or extreme ambient conditions. Amalie oils provide the ultimate in engine protection under the most demanding conditions.

About Palmdale Oil Company South Florida-based Palmdale Oil is a customer-centric, family-owned fuel distributor changing the standard in fleet fuel and distribution. Palmdale Oil procures its fuel supply from four different terminals on both coasts in the South Florida area and the company operates over 40 trucks daily, delivering millions gallons of fuel per year. Palmdale Oil offers a full line of TOTAL and AMALIE branded products for its customers throughout the state. This distinction, combined with its other lubricant products and petroleum-based equipment, Palmdale Oil is positioned as one of the premier providers of petroleum-based products in all of Florida.