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Palmdale Oil Company Announces 25th Year Anniversary
March 2, 2009

Fort Pierce, Florida – Palmdale Oil Company has announced the celebration of its 25th year in business. A family-owned, customer-centric fuel distributor, Palmdale Oil is the only Florida-based company that caters to the specific needs of the industrial, mining, construction, ranching, golf services, automotive, landscaping, marinas, marine vessels, fleet, agricultural and government sectors with reliable service.

Since it first opened its doors in 1984, Palmdale Oil has seen much change within the industry, most of it for the better. What started with one distribution center focusing on the needs of local clients has evolved into a large operation with terminal locations in Fort Pierce, Okeechobee, Boynton Beach, and Fort Myers, Florida.

With a corporate-like strategy for the business and a family-owned approach to customer service, Palmdale Oil has found the right mix to drive customer satisfaction and growth.

"Palmdale Oil has always put the needs of the customer first and our long-term relationships are proof that this approach works," said Lachlan Cheatham, President of Palmdale Oil Company. "We provide a product and a service that customers rely on to drive their own business and they cannot afford to miss a delivery due to weather or lack of resources."

To continue to meet the needs of its customers, Palmdale Oil operates a fleet of trucks out of its four distribution terminals to deliver fuel directly to customers. Coast Guard certification allows the company to provide direct water delivery to marina clients and Palmdale Oil is the only fuel distribution company in Florida to offer its customer base the ability to rent fuel storage within its bulk terminal facilities.

Palmdale Oil also recently announced its focus on the Ethanol market, responding to state and federal regulations, while also observing the environmental benefits of the technology involved. The transition to Ethanol has been smooth and successful. The company is also in the process of exploring Bio Diesel applications within the market.

"For 25 years we have been delivering products and services with an on-time delivery standard that is unmatched in the industry," added Cheatham. "Palmdale Oil will continue to focus on innovative technologies and services that extend the value of our offerings as we look to the next successful 25 years."