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Palmdale Oil Provides Guide to Hurricane Preparedness
May 20, 2008

Fort Pierce, Florida – With the hurricane season once again upon the southeast portion of the nation, Fort Pierce, Florida-based Palmdale Oil has released its annual suggestions for ensuring that your business is ready in the event of a hurricane. For those that rely on Palmdale Oil to meet fuel and lubricant needs, knowing that this innovative company is prepared for any disaster provides added confidence and value in the vendor/customer relationship.

As any Florida-based company knows, hurricane hazards can come in many forms, including storm surges, high winds, tornadoes and flooding. Any one of these hazards can cause supply chain disruptions, which will quickly halt the import of fuel and other petroleum-based products into the state by way of ports on the coast. In the event of a power outage at the port, trucks cannot re-load fuel supplies.

To help prevent complete shut-down of operations for its customers during times of crisis, Palmdale Oil Company pulls fuel from five ports located on both coasts of Florida to ensure its customers are never without supplies. The company strongly recommends that customers order all backup hurricane fuel now to ensure amply supply if and when a hurricane hits.

In addition to providing customers with the reliability they expect, even in the aftermath of a storm, Palmdale also provides recommendations for its customers, including:

  • Have extra fuel storage ready and fully stocked before hurricane season starts to ensure you have supply on hand;
  • Be sure to place fuel orders early as lower supply may be likely in the event of a hurricane;
  • Check your generator. In the event of a storm hazard, it is not uncommon to lose power and a fully fueled generator can help your business stay online;
  • Be sure you are fully stocked on any additives. All fuel tanks must be treated with a stabilizer additive to prevent degradation of the fuel that sets for extended periods of time.

Palmdale Oil has also taken internal steps to be sure that their operations will avoid total interruption in the event of a storm. The company maintains more than 850,000 gallons of fuel storage space and offers to rent storage in fuel tanks for those customers seeking to store fuel reserves off-site.

"Customer satisfaction is our number one priority," said Kendall Cheatham, Vice President of Palmdale Oil. "In this part of the nation, hurricanes are a fact of life and we must be ready to meet customer demands both before and after a hurricane. By providing these recommendations to our customers, we are one step closer to ensuring not one Palmdale Oil customer is without fuel in the aftermath of a hurricane."

ABOUT PALMDALE OIL COMPANY - South Florida-based Palmdale Oil is a customer-centric, family-owned fuel distributor changing the standard in the fleet fuel and distribution. Palmdale Oil procures its fuel supply from four different terminals on both coasts in the South Florida area and the company operates up to 30 trucks daily, delivering millions gallons of fuel per year. Palmdale Oil offers a full line of TOTAL/FINA-based products for its customers throughout the state. This distinction, combined with its other lubricant products and petroleum-based equipment, Palmdale Oil is positioned as one of the premier providers of petroleum-based products in all of Florida.