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Palmdale Oil Company Announces New Ownership for Fina Lubricants
March 2, 2009

Fort Pierce, Florida – Palmdale Oil Company has announced that its full line of Fina-branded Lubricants will be supplied by a new owner. Lubricants USA LP, an independent finished lubricant manufacturer and marketer and exclusive U.S. manufacturer of Fina lubricant products has been purchased by Total Lubricants North America.

A fully owned subsidiary of Total, based in Linden, New Jersey, Total Lubricants North America purchased the Plano, Texas-based Lubricants USA and will oversee the marketing of its full-line offering of conventional oils and greases.

According to Lubricants USA President and CEO, Chris Haire, the company has offered Total-branded high quality, specialized lubricants to its customer base for the last eight years and believes Total to be an excellent company. Lubricants USA is excited by the prospects of merging its organization with Total's to deliver a better customer experience.

The dominant brand under the merged entity will be Total, but long-time Palmdale Oil customers who prefer the Fina product won't see a change in the name, quality or service from Palmdale Oil or its partners. As Lubricants USA is set to enter a growth mode as soon as strategies are finalized, customers should expect to see more activity and likely better promotions from Fina and Total.

"This announcement of new ownership is good news for both Palmdale Oil and our customers," said Lachlan Cheatham, President of Palmdale Oil. "We have a long history of success with Lubricants USA and distributing its products. Under new ownership, the Fina division will have access to greater resources and promotions. In addition, we will be able to add the Total line to our offerings to ensure our customers continue to receive the highest quality and value available in the market."

Much of Lubricants USA's success in a challenging market environment has been a result of its strong long-term relationships with lubricant distributors. As a leading distributor for Fina lubricants in the Florida market, Palmdale Oil anticipates a long and rewarding relationship with Total and its subsidiaries.