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Palmdale Oil Company Still Provides Non-Ethanol to Marine Industry
July 24, 2009

Fort Pierce, Florida – Palmdale Oil Company continues to deliver on the needs of the industry, distributing non-ethanol fuel to marine customers. Known in the industry as recreational gasoline, the non-ethanol variety has become somewhat of a rare product, considering the changes in legislation surrounding ethanol use in fuel options.

Major distributors throughout the state of Florida started moving toward all ethanol-based fuels last year in anticipation of the 2010 state mandate dictating that service stations sell only gasoline enriched with ethanol. Palmdale Oil has followed suit to ensure it adheres to regulations, while also staying in line with its own strategy for green initiatives. In the process, the company has not forgotten the needs of its marine customers.

Due to its makeup, ethanol absorbs water and therefore can degrade rubber seals and gaskets. The devices most adversely affected by ethanol use include boat engines, weed trimmers, lawn blowers, generators, motorcycles and older auto engines. In addition, makers of lawn care machinery, marine engines, motorcycles and high-performance autos recommend that gasoline with ethanol additives be avoided completely.

Another lesser known fact about ethanol fuels is that they contain one-third less energy than standard gasoline. This fact, combined with the degradation of the hardware, seals and gaskets within a boat's engine and many in Florida's marine industry have put off making the change to ethanol, hoping the state delivers on its promise to leave this industry out of its mandated coverage area.

"At Palmdale Oil, our first allegiance is to our customer base," said Lachlan Cheatham, President of Palmdale Oil Company. "A number of our customers are moving toward ethanol-based fuels and as a federal and state requirement, we have the necessary supply on hand to cater to this core customer."

"But in this move away from non-ethanol fuels, it is easy to forget about the marine and golf industries and the consequences they encounter by moving to an ethanol-based fuel. Palmdale Oil will continue to meet the needs of all customers in our statewide base."

Ethanol-based fuels will continue to be a primary focus for Palmdale Oil as legislation for all ethanol fuels will be in place by 2010. At the same time, marine customers enjoying the benefits of non-ethanol-based fuels can continue to turn to Palmdale Oil for all of their non-ethanol fuel needs.