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Palmdale Oil Company Now Offers BlueSky DEF
October 24, 2011

Fort Pierce, Florida – Palmdale Oil Company, a South Florida-based fuel distributor changing the standard in fleet fuel and distribution, is excited to announce it is now an authorized distributor of BlueSky Diesel Exhaust Fluid. As all new trucks under manufacture are now required to adhere to EPA Clean Air Requirements, BlueSky meets those standards by breaking down diesel exhaust into water and nitrogen gas.

BlueSky DEF is an ultra pure aqueous solution made of urea and highly purified water. As a result, it breaks down diesel exhaust into a gas that is stable and colorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous, clean and non-polluting. BlueSky DEF is a low cost alternative to more noxious diesel exhaust fluids.

This "clean air" approach to diesel exhaust is not only good for the environment; it also maintains the functioning Selective Catalytic (SCR) system. The SCR system can easily fail if any chemical impurity is present in the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). BlueSky DEF is API approved and meets ISO 22241, AUS 32 and DIN 70070 standards for concentration and purity.

When non-conforming products are used in lieu of API specifications, vehicle warranties are invalidated and extensive engine damage can result. DEF is a 32.5 percent aqueous urea solution that contains 67.5 percent de-ionized water. DEF urea has been given the lowest water hazard class rating of 1.

BlueSky's DEF is sprayed into the exhaust system through a series of tubing provided by an on-board tank prior to passing through the catalytic converter. In this process, the nitrous oxide is reduced to ammonia, before being reduced to water, nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide as the exhaust passes through the catalytic converter. The gases that leave the engine by way of the exhaust are void of all toxic by-products, meeting the stringent requirements of the API and EPA.

"The fuel industry is a rapidly-changing environment and one that demands close attention to industry regulations, quality products and optimal solutions for all of our customers," said Lachlan Cheatham, President of Palmdale Oil Company.

"We are excited to be able to offer the high quality of BlueSky DEF. We know our customers are under increased pressure to perform at higher standards while also adhering to stricter environmental regulations. With BlueSky DEF, they'll be equipped to do both, making performance a priority within their respective environments."

Since it first opened its doors in 1984, Palmdale Oil has seen much change within the industry, most of it for the better. The company is a multi-port operation with terminal locations in Fort Pierce, Okeechobee, Boynton Beach, and Fort Myers, Florida. This latest partnership distribution agreement with BlueSky equips the fuel industry leader with an extensive portfolio to meet the ever changing needs of a dynamic industry.

About Palmdale Oil Company

South Florida-based Palmdale Oil is a customer-centric, family-owned fuel distributor changing the standard in fleet fuel and distribution. Palmdale Oil procures its fuel supply from four different terminals on both coasts in the South Florida area and the company operates over 30 trucks daily, delivering millions gallons of fuel per year. Palmdale Oil offers a full line of TOTAL-based products for its customers throughout the state. This distinction, combined with its other lubricant products and petroleum-based equipment, Palmdale Oil is positioned as one of the premier providers of petroleum-based products in all of Florida.