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Palmdale Oil Announces Full Distribution of Ethanol-Based Fuel
October 13, 2009

Fort Pierce, Florida – Palmdale Oil Company, a South Florida-based fuel distributor changing the standard in fleet fuel and distribution, has announced it is now an authorized distributor for ValvTect Petroleum Products, the nation’s leading supplier of fuel addictives to fuel marketers, truck stops, fleets, railroads and the marine industry.

Palmdale Oil Company will distribute ValvTect Marine Fuel, a complete line of products formulated specifically for marine engines that operate under much heavier loads and within more severe environments than automotive gasoline or commercial diesel truck engines. Marine products from ValvTect are formulated to improve performance, extend engine life, reduce maintenance and improve fuel economy.

ValvTect-Branded Gasoline for the marine industry is the only product on the market developed to address all four ethanol problems: phase separation, corrosion, build-up of carbon deposits and fuel destabilization.

“As a company bent on delivering the best to our customers, Palmdale Oil is excited about this new partnership with ValvTect Petroleum Products,” said Lachlan Cheatham, President of Palmdale Oil Company.

ValvTect-Branded Gasoline is formulated with advanced fuel-additive technology. This proven solution prevents moisture and ethanol in the gasoline from dropping to the bottom of the fuel tank and also contains a corrosion inhibitor to offset the corrosive nature of ethanol moisture.

ABOUT PALMDALE OIL COMPANY - South Florida-based Palmdale Oil is a customer-centric, family-owned fuel distributor changing the standard in fleet fuel and distribution. Palmdale Oil procures its fuel supply from four different terminals on both coasts in the South Florida area and the company operates more than 30 trucks daily, delivering millions gallons of fuel per year. Palmdale Oil offers a full line of FINA-based products for its customers throughout the state. This distinction, combined with its other lubricant products and petroleum-based equipment, Palmdale Oil is positioned as one of the premier providers of petroleum-based products in all of Florida.

ABOUT VALVTECT PETROLEUM PRODUCTS - ValvTect Petroleum Products is the nation's leading supplier of fuel additives to fuel marketers, truck stops, fleets, railroads and the marine industry. ValvTect manufactures and markets gasoline, diesel fuel, and heating oil additives that are formulated to improve fuel quality, improve engine performance, and extend engine life.

ValvTect Petroleum is a subsidiary of RPM International Inc. - a world leader in specialty coatings serving both industrial and consumer markets. RPM's industrial products include roofing systems, sealants, corrosion control coatings, floor coatings and specialty chemicals. Its consumer products are used by professionals and do-it-yourselfers for home, automotive and boat maintenance and by hobbyists. Leading industrial brands include Stonhard, Tremco, Carboline, Day-Glo and Dryvit. Consumer brands include Zinsser, Rust-Oleum, DAP and Flecto.