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Palmdale Oil Company Acquires Ward Oil, Set to Deliver Quality Service to all Ward Customers
October 31, 2012

Fort Pierce, Florida – Palmdale Oil is pleased to announce its September 10th acquisition of Ward Oil Company of Tampa, Florida. Palmdale Oil is a premier operator of fuel distribution and provider of petroleum products to the South Florida region. The purchase of Ward Oil Company will strengthen Palmdale's ability to serve customers in Tampa and the surrounding areas in delivery of fuel and petroleum-based products.

Ward Oil's outgoing owner/operator Jim Ward thanked customers for their many years of loyal partnership and told them the transition would appear seamless. "You will find that they are a very reputable company, trustworthy…" he said in a letter announcing the union with Palmdale. "Most everything will be the same when you order products, speaking with the voices you know."

Ward Oil Company has been servicing the fuel needs of Tampa businesses for more than four decades providing helpful service in a friendly atmosphere. The company has long provided automobile and synthetic oils, commercial and industrial oils along with lubricants, fluids and grease to its customers at competitive rates. Customers can expect that under Palmdale Oil those same services and pocket-friendly rates will continue.

Palmdale Oil and Ward Oil Company are both family-owned and operated businesses with a strong history of customer satisfaction and knowledgeable support. Jim Ward and wife Dee had been leading Ward Oil since 1962. Lachlan Cheatham serves as President for Palmdale, a company that has continually expanded its service markets since its inception in 1984.

The men have shared personal and professional ties throughout. The acquisition is seen as a union of like-minded business approaches where the customer is the number one priority.

"We are excited to take on the quality of the Ward Oil Company and welcome their clients into the Palmdale Oil family," says Cheatham. "Our focus is always on serving the customer base and ensuring needs are met with quality and timeliness. The alignment of our business philosophy with that of Ward Oil ensures a smooth transition for everyone involved."

About Palmdale Oil Company
South Florida-based Palmdale Oil is a customer-centric, family-owned fuel distributor changing the standard in fleet fuel and distribution. Palmdale Oil procures its fuel supply from four different terminals on both coasts in the South Florida area and the company operates over 40 trucks daily, delivering millions gallons of fuel per year. Palmdale Oil offers a full line of TOTAL and AMALIE branded products for its customers throughout the state. This distinction, combined with its other lubricant products and petroleum-based equipment, Palmdale Oil is positioned as one of the premier providers of petroleum-based products in all of Florida.