24/7 Wireless Tank Monitoring Solutions

Palmdale Oil provides wireless tank systems to accurately monitor real-time fuel tank levels. With Wireless Tank Monitoring, Palmdale Oil will track your fuel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you never run out of fuel.

Why use Wireless Tank Monitoring?

Never worry about your fuel levels again. Fuel replenishment orders are automatically placed. No need to submit a new order. We take care of everything. Making you more efficient.

Easy Installation

Monitors can be installed into a 2-inch bung on above ground storage tank. Which means, easy installation.

Wireless Technology

No phone lines or power is needed. Palmdale Oil can monitor from anywhere.


To run your company smoothly, you must be as efficient as possible. That means no fuel shortages or outages.

  • Efficient Fuel Management
  • Eliminates Fuel Shortages and Outages
  • Automated Ordering
  • 24/7 Fuel Level Notifications
  • Fuel Usage Reports
  • Peace of Mind